Grants Keep the Wheels Turning at Senior Mobile Dental

Colorado Compassion Initiative: JVA Consulting facilitated capacity building technical assistance for two funding cycles.  The training and knowledge gained through the professional expertise of JVA Consulting and it's staff is endless. This is a capacity building grant and we received valuable information and training in building our non-profit organization to its full potential.

Anna Keesling Ackerman Fund: provided a grant to support our program activities and the frail elderly with long-term care facilities whose barrier to professional care is the difficulty they faced in transporting seniors out of their residence.

Anschutz Family Foundation: funded a grant to provide care for the older adult population that has no financial means to access preventive oral hygiene care. This funding allowed us to schedule clinic days at the Colorado Springs Senior Center and provide care for the seniors who went there.

Dental Trade Alliance Foundation: funded support to implement the Teledentistry Concept. This support allows us to access underserved populations, take images and transmit them to a dentist to view and determine needed treatment. The type of people DTAF has help by providing this support include the frail/elderly living in nursing homes, home bound seniors, seniors living in rural communities and low income seniors who cannot afford dental services.

Older Americans Act: provides financial support to provide evidence based dentistry in preventive dental hygiene services. Providing dental hygiene services is a first step in promoting overall health care by addressing the inflammatory process that uncontrolled periodontal disease has researched to contribute to.

Old Age Pension: funded support to low income seniors in El Paso, Teller, Pueblo, Denver, Adams, Las Animas and Alamosa counties. This grant provides basic dental care to address the disease and neglect many low income seniors have faced for many years due to lack of financial resources for dental care.