Physical Health affecting Oral Health

Many adults living in Skilled Nursing Facilities are faced with poor and uncontrolled oral health. Unfortunately many medications mixed with decreased effective daily oral hygiene create rampant decay, broken teeth and periodontal disease.

We have developed a program that is prevention based by providing routine care by our Registered Dental Hygienist. Dental cleanings and assessments will be provided every three months (or monthly per your request). 

Utilizing our Virtually Connected Dentistry concept allows our dentist to review the information our Registered Dental Hygienist provides.  Most families and facilities depending upon each individual's health and needs may opt between palliative care-ensuring no pain or infection is present; or complete restorative care. Our focus is each person individualized needs.

We also believe strongly in the need for interdisciplinary care-bringing medical and dental together. Our TeleDental Imaging program provides x-rays and assessments for all residents, whether they have teeth or not. These images will be available in each residents records for attending physicians in order to have access to reports and concerning oral conditions that may be affecting physical health.