Understanding the Issues Behind this Health Crisis

Besides the poor oral health of the elderly and consequent possible eating and chewing complications, there is conclusive research and evidence of oral disease causing diseases within the body, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and pneumonia.* Preventive oral care has the foresight to improve systemic health and decrease a portion of the burdens placed upon the health care system. We collaborate with the PACE program and support the principles of the PACE program and the NORC model. The main focus of these programs is preventive care.

The elderly have no preventive support from Medicaid or Medicare, and many programs and and foundations are focused on child based programs, which are also incredibly important. However, children also receive coverage through Medicaid, something that seniors don't receive. 

In following the Medicaid fee schedule, the charge for each resident seen is $112.80 which covers the cleaning, oral evaluation, fluoride treatment, and the house call visit.

Patients with dentures will receive an oral inspection and cleaning of dentures at a reduced fee. This is a small price to pay to make sure our love ones are eating properly and avoiding a whole host of potential health problems. No patient is ever turned down because of their inability to pay.

With public education and an understanding of the epidemic this elderly population is suffering through, Senior Mobile Dental hopes to garner more financial support to expand this program nationally and include dental restorative care coverage. Our long-term hope for the future is to create the needed paradigm shift in health care to include oral health and show that innovative solutions do work. With your contribution, these individuals can maintain the teeth they are proud to still have.