Providing on site dental and dental hygiene care to the elderly residing in long-term care facilities, and to low income seniors throughout Colorado having difficulty accessing dental services.

Providing in-house oral hygiene care to the elderly residing in long-term care facilities, and to seniors within the community having difficulty accessing professional oral health care, regardless of financial means.

Dental Hygiene Services for the Elderly

Senior Mobile Dental is a non-profit organization focused on bringing dental hygiene services to the elderly population. We are dedicated to promoting the importance of oral health in preventing many of the diseases that result from years and years of poor oral hygiene and the lack of support and care the elderly face.

Senior Mobile Dental actively works with assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, along with any public location such as local Senior Centers, to provide professional mobile dental hygiene services to the elderly. Many of these individuals have lost the dexterity to brush their own teeth and are dependent upon others to perform this and other routine dental tasks, such as flossing. However, the reality is that these people often have decayed, broken teeth and gum disease. Our hope is to one day be able to give every senior citizen in the United States the ability to maintain the standards of care they achieved throughout their life.

By perusing this Website, you will receive information on:

  • How to assist those in need of oral health care.
  • The various preventative services we provide.
  • What we can accomplish together.
  • Important facts about oral health.
  • The devastating effects this population faces from lack of access to professional dental care.


Facts on Elderly and their Oral Health

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